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Creamy Ju Ju Dressing 

1 part juju (any flavor

1 part mayonnaise 

Buttermilk to your desired consistency 

Mix well and serve!

Chipotle Mango Aioli

All you need is mayonnaise and Conan’s Island Ju Ju

Mix the Island Ju Ju into mayo to taste, 

Makes a great dip or Sandwich Spread as well.

Island Ju Ju Vinaigrette 

1 part Island Ju Ju (we suggest Mango Coulis but you can use any of our sauces) 

2 parts salad oil; safflower, olive, etc 

optional additions: coconut, fresh herbs, seeds, etc.

Vigorously shake all ingredients together and enjoy!

Jalapeno Pineapple Cream Sauce

Prep Time 5 min~ Cook Time 15 min

1 tbsp minced garlic

1 tbsp minced shallot

½ tbsp olive oil

Salt to taste

¼ tsp Pepper

2 oz Conan’s Island Ju Ju (Jalapeno Pineapple

½ cup Heavy cream

Saute minced garlic and shallots in olive oil, add Conan’s Ju Ju, let it reduce by half, add cream and reduce to desired consistency being careful not to over reduce it. Season with Salt and Pepper to taste.

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