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2 oz preferred liquor (optional)

2 oz favorite Conan's drink mix 

top with soda water! 

Tastes like a delicious complex cocktail without all the work!

Our Drink Mixes are fabulous with or without alcohol! For a non-alcholic refreshing mocktail you can simply add an ounce or two to soda water and enjoy! Or make large batches of prepped cocktails with ease that will really please!

Jalapeno Pineapple Limeade adds a sweet and tangy flavor with a bit of heat to drinks like; Spicy Margaritas, Kamikazes, Gin Fizzes, or a simple Shandy.  

Chipotle Mango Lemonade pairs very well with bourbon for a smokey tropical sour or hot toddy! Not a fan of bourbon? Try a dark rum! 

Habanero Fruit Punch has a bit more heat than the other drink mixes which tastes amazing with a sweet coconut or Caribbean rum!

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