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How To Sauce It Up:

Mango Coulis

Lose the heat, not the flavor! Our most versatile sauce is our Mango Coulis, a mild-mannered yet flavor-packed addition for:

  • Dipping sweet potato fries or tots

  • Braising burgers, fish, chicken, etc

  • Making a delicious mango vinaigrette

  • Flavoring drinks for a tantalizing tropical cocktail

Jalapeno Pineapple

A perfect balance between tangy and sweet, Roasted Jalapeno Pineapple has a mild spice and a great flavor profile. Some of our favorites ways to use this Best Seller are:

  • Boosting your teriyaki dishes

  • Using it as a ham glaze

  • Marinading or braising chicken or other meats

  • Mixing with mayonnaise for a tropical tartar

  • Adding a special zing to your Key Lime Pie

Chipotle Mango

Those who love a great smokey and sweet flavor to their sauce with love this Chipotle Mango Hot Sauce. This is a great multi-tasking sauce for:

  • Making a delicious aioli

  • Topping your eggs, sauteed or even deviled

  • Adding it to pulled pork

  • Mixing it with our Mango Coulis for a delicious Mango BBQ sauce

  • Enhancing a Lemon Meringue Pie 

Habanero Mango

Roasted Habanero Mango packs an excellent amount of heat with a nectarous punch. Sweet and HOT HOT HOT! This sauce is perfect for:

  • Adding sweet heat to Thai Curry

  • Heating up Veggies

  • Enjoying mixed aioli or dips

  • Topping tacos or chips like a salsa

Ghost Pepper Papaya

Ghost Peppers have an earthy flavor and intense heat that knocks the socks off the scoville scale! This sauce is not for the weak of heart. Grab a bottle to get that sweaty euphoric high that only a really hot sauce can reach: 

  • Add it to coconut cream for a Thai spiced sauce

  • Use it with coconut oil and brown sugar to make a wing sauce for some sizzling hot wings!

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